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Jumbo Cooler & Air Conditioner Rentals

Cooling on Wheels is exclusively engaged in providing Cooling Solutions with unbeatable range of best quality Desert Coolers, Jumbo Commercial & Industrial Air Coolers, Air Conditioners, Tower AC, Vertical or Floor Standing AC in India. Cooling on Wheels is one of the leading Jumbo Desert Coolers & Air Conditioner Rentals supplying company on rental basis in India with huge support from wide range of Satisfied Customers all over Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Karnataka. We thank all our customers for their outstanding Support & we promise maintaining our excellent Service Standards.


AC and Cooler Rental Applications

  • Weddings
  • Factory
  • Spinning | Textile Mill
  • Industry
  • Convention Center
  • Public Meetings
  • Exhibitions / Tradeshows
  • Function Halls
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Movie Theater
  • Film Shootings
  • Auditoriums
  • Film Studio
  • Cashew Factory
  • Temple
  • Masjid
  • Church
  • Gurdwara
  • Indoor & Outdoor Stadiums
  • Tent House
  • Shopping Malls
  • Cafeteria
  • Warehouse
  • Hotel / Restaurant
  • Godown
  • Outdoor Events
  • Hospitals
  • Shop / Showrooms


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We are not here merely to earn profit from the services rendered by us but more importantly, to gain the trust and confidence of our esteemed customers. We are constantly driven in our efforts to achieve the same by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and valuing their every penny.

Backed By Technology, Driven By Expertise
With state-of-the-art equipment’s, measuring instruments, testing units and infrastructure, our service station/workshop is highly equipped to provide top quality Air Coolers/Air Conditioners. With a Year Long of technical know-how, our expert team of technicians has substantial exposure in the field of Air Cooling/Air Conditioning and can provide instant solutions with minimum turnaround time in given environment.

Corporate Events
Every corporate event strictly demands a zero margin for error, absolute reliability in extreme working conditions, intelligent planning and relentless teamwork. Cooling on Wheels ensures all the above qualities and more.

Public Meetings
Public meetings are known to be one of the toughest environments to achieve the ideal degree of comfort. Technical team of Cooling on Wheels is very well versed in handling crowded places, secured areas and those surroundings around the stage and media.

In today’s volatile market, the size and type of exhibitions are constantly on the rise. Unlike yesteryear, today’s exhibitions are much more sophisticated and diverse and demand a special action team of technical experts to execute the same without a single hiccup.

The scope of this event can range from Schools to the Government Assembly. Cooling on Wheels therefore has a wide variety of tools and a multifaceted workforce to support all kinds of convocations.

Religious Programs
Any religious program demands utmost calm and peace. We maintain the perfect balance of both by providing an environment that helps you truly discover the divinity within.

Reality Shows
Known to be a new phenomenon in all Global Exhibitions and Conferences (GEC’s) across the country, a reality show is always full of surprises. It is one such event that demands innovative solutions never before settings. At Cooling on Wheels, we are always geared up and look forward to challenge ourselves.

An effective product launch or a revolutionary on-ground activation event can make a huge impact on the growth and success of brand or product. We therefore provide the coolest atmosphere for your product promotion to take place splendidly.

Marriage & Receptions
Be in an Indoor or Outdoor Marriage or Reception, we help to transform your dream wedding into a cool reality. Garden and tent weddings can now be experienced without any worry of feeling humid or sweaty in your traditional ethnic attire.

Product Launch
Similarly, an effective product launch can make a huge impact on success of a brand/product in the market. It will be of immense pleasure to us for providing Air Cooling/Air Conditioning for the comfort of participants who feel to spend long time during the launching of the product.

Live Concerts
Once the stage is set, the spotlights are turned on and the performers take their positions, the spectators are inevitably wowed by their electrifying performances. Music dance and stand-up comedy concerts can all be turned into a super cool experience.

Fashion Shows

The Fashion industry is booming as we speak. It’s not just Indian-brand fashion designers but those across the globe, who are increasingly arriving on the Indian fashion scene. Our young team is constantly assimilating these latest trends and coming up with innovative cooling solutions to cater these shows.

TV & Film Shootings
We have provided the very best in Air Cooling/Air-Conditioning systems and it is our constant endeavor to further upgrade to newer technologies, ensuring instant cooling solutions even in the toughest of shooting locations.